Central Construction offers a wide range of services throughout Western Canada. Our approach to construction puts Quality over Quantity. We don't aim to be  the biggest Contractor but we strive to be the best. We handle projects at any scale and are happy to provide pricing upon request. 


Civil Earthworks

Since our inception Central has been committed to improving our community’s infrastructure. With decades of experience in commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects we continually ensure the success of each project. Our capabilities are backed by our extensive privately-owned fleet of construction equipment. It allows us to rapidly mobilize for any project. Central’s civil earthworks division specializes in:

  • Highway/municipal road construction
  • Site preparation and grading
  • Mass excavation and hauling
  • Subdivision/commercial/industrial development
  • Underground/utility Installation
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Landfill construction/capping

Oilfield Services

Central Construction is proud to serve the oil and gas firms working to develop our country’s energy resources. We give our clients a fully integrated delivery model for procurement, construction and maintenance. With extensive experience in the oilfield construction and services sector, Central Construction continues to provide value to its clients through innovative solutions and forward-looking relationships. We offer: 

  • Oilfield lease preparation and construction
  • Road construction 
  • Lagoon/water storage pond construction
  • Well abandonment
  • Screw pile/foundation installation
  • Logging and trucking 
  •  Winter snow removal


    Environmental Reclamation

    The reclamation and remediation of our communities varies greatly from site to site and often requires highly skilled and experienced people to complete the job. Central has vast experience in providing leading solutions for our Environmental Reclamation and Remediation clients. In order to provide highly qualified results we retain experienced operators to help our clients achieve their certificates of completion. We offer many services including:

    • Lease/right of way reclamation
    • Spill site reclamation
    • Bio-treatment of contaminated soils
    • Top soil treatment and placement
    • Excavation and hauling of contaminated soils
    • Decommissioning/demolition of facilities
    • Erosion control

    Hydrovac & water services

    Our fleet of hydrovac trucks are quick to mobilize and readily available to service your daylighting and environmental projects. Both our tandem and tri drive water trucks are capable of servicing a wide variety of industries from personal use to oilfield services. Our  fleet of tandem  and tri-axle vacuum trucks can be utilized for land spraying, waste removal, fluid transfers etc. Our equipment features:

    • TIREBOSS pressure control
    • Flow meters
    • Suction screens
    • Agitator system
    • Roda Decca automatic shut down

    Aggregate Sales

    We own and operate several gravel pits in Alberta. Each pit stocks a variable supply of aggregate with specialty products available upon request. We also offer competitive trucking services to deliver materials directly to your job site. Our products are typically manufactured to Alberta Transportation specifications. We offer the following products: 

    • Topsoil & clay
    • Road crush gravel from 3/4" to 3" 
    • Fill & bedding sand
    • Washed gravel 
    • Pit run gravel 
    • Class 1 rip-rap
    • Sanding chips
    • Manufactured fines